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1 year ago

I will try to sum this up if I can. I am in love with a woman who has a boyfriend, In a nutshell. Its called a SituationShip because Idk what else to call it. The issue is obvious, but another issue i...

1 year ago

I’m married and I cheated on my husband sometimes in the past but definitely feel like I needed to stop just to avoid ruining my home. The guy I cheated with doesn’t live far from our home and I...


 Bringing passion back into my marital life

1 year ago

My husband and I have been married for quite a few years and things lately have gotten a little stale; we both work a lot and there doesn't seem to be a lot of p***ion left between us. I am looking fo...

 Early Adulthood And It's Impacts On Relationships

1 year ago

People are for the most part more ready to communicate deeper parts of themselves when they feel equipped for managing themselves. They may release their delicate parts in less guarded ways if they di...

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