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Early Adulthood And It's Impacts On Relationships

7 months ago

People are for the most part more ready to communicate their weak encounters when they feel equipped for managing themselves. They may uncover their delicate parts all the more effectively in the...

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Unsolved Relationship And Marriage Mystery

7 months ago

Kindly keep me anonymous. I have been dating someone for 4yrs. We had always have plans to get married but my parents didn't like where he came from. I wasn't fond of his locality either but I d...


Easy Ways To Get Rid Of You Bad Habits

8 months ago

Avoid negative thoughts. Give people a sense of control and you'll be amazed with how awesome they'll prove themselves. Don't compare yourself with others. Reward yourself with treats for gr...

achange self-determination thinking-habits the-power-of-positive-thinking selfreward

Why Do Some Nigerians Think This Way?

8 months ago

I hate the narrative that "Nigerians can survive anything" It's a nonsense narrative that does nothing to improve the life of the average Nigerian. We should be talking about economic policies t...

nigerians narrative

Top Life Advice That Could Change The Way You Think in 2021

8 months ago

Grant everyone the choice of doubt. Nothing good comes easily, so everyone is free to decide either to leave or stay. Rome wasn't built in a day. Together you can change the world, no one is enti...


Girls Should Know Their Worth

8 months ago

⁣A girl that even know her worth will give you her body as the last thing. Because Everytime you spend with her, you're refreshed because of what he has inside of her. What she carries and who she...


Women Are Not All The Same

8 months ago

⁣Okay now that we've gotten to this point. I think the reason for relationship differs depending on whose Involved. For instance, the type of girls that date yahoo boys for flashy things are using...


Work Life

8 months ago

⁣Is the work life supposed to be all fantastic without issues with co workers, bosses and surbordinates ? 😫 What if there's chaos, would you then say it's not a fantastic work-life? 😕 I'...


8 months ago

⁣Sometimes I wonder what it feels like being a male. Wooing a lady and she doing shakara. Having to be the one to pay for the food and drink at the restaurant, Paying her bills, And what ot...


Sudden Loss Of Apetite

8 months ago

⁣I wish I love food like lots of people do. I don’t look forward to eating, I regard it a duty. You know, you’re hungry you eat - but ‘enjoy’? Nah. Can I just ‘drink’ my food instead of chewing - beca...

You Cant Save Everybody But You Can Save Their Minds

8 months ago

⁣So have you ever had the thought of helping people get rid of their biggest problem AND finally have realized that you don't have sufficient money or all it takes to save humans ? This is my ad...

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Who Else Is Scared Of Relationship

8 months ago

⁣Who else out there is scared of relationship? Am I currently the only one? The thing is that the rate of immortality and lousy living is becoming too alarming and you don't know the next person y...

relationship phobia

Its Not Going To Be Always Rosy

8 months ago

⁣Not a day you’re gonna awaken and therefore the clouds are gonna part and rays from heaven are gonna come down and you’re gonna write a song from it. Sometimes, you just get in there and just force y...

lifestory reallifestory advice

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