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My Secret Story About Lagos State Emergency Number 767

8 months ago

When I was younger, I sometimes liked to do "secret phone pranks". Most times these pranks were totally not so good. I would pick up a random phone number and wisper I love you into the phone while t...


No Means Of Being Sentimental

8 months ago

⁣If I need to be totally honest with you , through my self humble opinion, no means of being sentimental of course, without being doubtful about whatever anyone thinks is right or wrong, but also by...


I Get Shawarma Anytime I Want It

8 months ago

⁣So l secretly knew that my brother had a crush on this girl, so when he was in the shower I took his phone and texted the girl telling her that he liked her and was wondering if she Would be his...


Criticism In BBnaija

8 months ago

⁣It's Funny How Laycon was criticized at the beginnings of the introductory show.. From the Electric Man to Aristotle.. It's almost impossible to change a Nigerian first impression but he did.. A...

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