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2 years ago

Avoid negative thoughts. Give people a sense of control and you'll be amazed with how awesome they'll prove themselves. Don't compare yourself with others. Reward yourself with treats for gr...

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2 years ago

I've been married to my wife for 6years, and we have 2 lovely kids. My wife carries much of the family responsibilities because she does so well than me financially, not because I am lazy but just...

disappointment whatislove sadhusband equality

2 years ago

Grant everyone the choice of doubt. Nothing good comes easily, so everyone is free to decide either to leave or stay. Rome wasn't built in a day. Together you can change the world, no one is enti...


2 years ago

⁣A girl that even know her worth will give you her body as the last thing. Because Everytime you spend with her, you're refreshed because of what he has inside of her. What she carries and who she...


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