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Guidelines and FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions and Guidelines

You have our support!

If you have a question that's not listed here please get in touch and we'll do our best to help you.

If you have a question that's not listed here please get in touch with us by via: Contact and we'll do our best to help you. 1. Why was my post removed?

Posts are removed when they:

  • Encourage illegality
  • Promote hate speech
  • Defame or discriminate
  • Violate a person's privacy
  • Message another user directly
  • Promote a service or product of any kind
  • Link to a 3rd party website with the aim of personal gain
  • Harass another person either through posting or commenting
  • Breach copyright, trademark, and/or intellectual property of a third party
  • Promote a personal opinion, political or otherwise while making no attempt to start a discussion
  • Share gratuitous descriptions of a sexual experience or fantasy that bear no relation to trauma or wellbeing

If you think we have made a mistake by removing your post please let us know and we'll find out what happened.

For full details on posting rules please refer to our terms of conditions.

2. Why was my comment removed?

To help get the most out of JustHowIFeel Community we encourage all users to comment only if they have something helpful to contribute. Comments that are unnecessarily negative, hateful or discouraging may be removed by an administrator.

3. How do private posts work?

If you are logged in we will save a copy to our database and only you will able to access it via your My Secrets page.

If you are Logged out we won't save it to our database. After you submit it we'll present your post to you for one final time and once you leave that page everything you wrote will be gone.

4. Can I edit my post after submitting it?

Not currently.

5. Can I delete my post after submitting it?

If you are logged in you can delete your posts at any time.

If you are logged out you have a one time option to delete your public post immediately after submitting it. Once you leave the confirmation page the option to delete your post will no longer be available.

It is not possible for us to verify the author of a public post that was submitted while logged out. Because of this we cannot grant take down requests unless a post explictly breaks the rules outlined in our terms of conditions.

6. How do I report a post?

You can report a post or a comment to our moderators if any inappropriate content is found. Every post that is reported will be reviewed by a moderator within a resonable amount of time. Assessment is made based on our removal criteria.

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