Well, I am not saying we once dated or shared some romantic moments before the initial getting back together. When he was contacting me and asking me out, I DIDN'T know that he was engaged, married or had a kid, it's was recently that we reunited that I got to know and I'm not justifying our actions and I already thought about telling his woman but it'll cause a huge harm on what they got planned. I just think it's tiring and I need to stop but not as easy as y'all would assume. 😪
3 months ago
We actually grew up together and eventually reunited somehow. I will take responsibility and accept the fact that I still allow him to come back to me. I need help but I have genuine love for him, and it's always beyond sex between us.
3 months ago
@Michelenotes: I don't think I have been that sensitive enough to notice such behavioral facts about him. He just keeps coming back whenever he feels like cheating and I always smh and ask myself why me?
3 months ago
@Rockfella : I don't think I'm really sure of what you're saying, that doesn't still explain why they do that.
3 months ago

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