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It was just another typical night scrolling through dating apps, swiping left and right, when I stumbled upon her profile. We matched and started chatting, and I knew from the start that she was different. We hit it off and went on a few dates, and I started to develop feelings for her. But as things started to get serious, I found myself pulling back. I was filled with a familiar fear - the fear of commitment. I've been down this road before and have seen how things can quickly go wrong. The thought of opening myself up to that kind of vulnerability and the possibility of getting hurt again was too much for me to handle. But then I thought about what I could potentially lose if I let this fear control me. I could lose out on a chance at real happiness and true love. I didn't want to end up alone, constantly searching for something that may never come. So, I made a choice to face my fear head-on and give our relationship a real chance. It wasn't easy, but with time and communication, I was able to work through my fears and commitment phobia. Today, I am happily committed to the love of my life, and I am grateful for the fear that pushed me to take a chance on love.

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