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Growing up, I was always told that beauty is only skin deep. But, as I got older, I realized that society has a completely different definition of beauty. Everywhere I looked, I saw images of perfect, thin models and I began to feel like I wasn't good enough. I started comparing myself to others and became incredibly self-conscious about my body. I would avoid social situations and even stopped wearing certain clothes because I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin. It wasn't until I started therapy and had to face my insecurities head-on that I realized that my worth isn't defined by my appearance. I learned to love and accept myself for who I am, flaws and all. But, even now, there are still moments when the negative thoughts creep back in. It's a constant battle, but I'm learning to silence those voices and celebrate my body for all that it is and all that it allows me to do. It's time for me and for all of us to stop letting societal expectations dictate how we feel about ourselves. We are all beautiful, in our own unique ways.

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