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I never thought I'd find myself in this situation. Growing up, I always envisioned getting married and starting a family the traditional way. But life doesn't always go as planned. My partner and I have been together for five years and we've been through so much together. We've faced financial struggles, job losses, and health issues, but through it all, we've remained committed to each other. One day, we had a heart-to-heart conversation about our future and realized that we wanted to start a family. We both have strong family values and wanted to give a child all the love and support that we never had. But here's the thing, we're not married. Society tells us that you need to be married to have a family, but for us, marriage just wasn't a priority. We love each other and that's all that matters. So, we took the leap and decided to have a child together. It wasn't an easy decision, but it's the best one we've ever made. We've never been happier and our child brings us so much joy every day. We know that not everyone will understand our choice, but that's okay. This is our life and we're living it on our own terms. We're confident that we can provide a stable and loving home for our child and that's all that matters. This may not be the traditional way of starting a family, but it's our way and we're proud of it. Confession stories are meant to be real and raw, and that's exactly what this is – our truth.

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