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We never expected to be in this situation, but life sometimes takes unexpected turns. We started our relationship with love, p***ion and so much excitement for the future, but as the years p***ed by, things started to change. We were both struggling to keep our heads above water, trying to make ends meet, and provide a stable environment for our children. It was then that the idea of staying together for the kids started to cross our minds. We were afraid of the impact a separation could have on our children and the thought of putting them through a difficult and traumatic experience was unbearable. But as much as we wanted to protect them, we also knew we couldn't keep pretending everything was okay. It wasn't easy, but we finally had a difficult but necessary conversation about our relationship and what we both wanted for the future. We realized that staying together for the sake of the kids was not enough and that we needed to work on ourselves and our relationship. It's been a journey of self-discovery, therapy and a lot of hard work, but we're now in a much better place as a couple and as individuals. We still have our challenges, but we're grateful for this opportunity to work on ourselves and our relationship and to build a stronger and happier future for our family.

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