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⁣Is the work life supposed to be all fantastic without issues with co workers, bosses and surbordinates ? 😫 What if there's chaos, would you then say it's not a fantastic work-life? πŸ˜• I'm asking this question because it's issues that usually make people to leave their jobs right? πŸ˜” Someone needs to enlighten me. Because I want to find out, Ay! what point is someone supposed to say "I'm tired of this work" and resign? πŸ˜–

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Governess Ah no journey is smooth in life and chaos is part of what makes us better if we're open minded so it's all about how we handle the conflicts. I think one should leave a job when that job is no longer serving the purpose why you started it in the first place. Different people do different kinds of jobs for different reasons
2 years ago

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