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⁣A girl that even know her worth will give you her body as the last thing. Because Everytime you spend with her, you're refreshed because of what he has inside of her. What she carries and who she is. ⁣Her attention will will be so worth it to you that you won't want any man to take her away from you. Before you'll even win such a lady over, you would have known her a bit right? ⁣My pain is this Girls are the pioneers of every relationship, if my ladies would learn to say no and stand their ground on *** and other issues, the guys will learn to respect and treat us well like the queens and princesses that we are. It's quite unfortunate that some girls can give a guy *** on the street for #200


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Uzzy You have spoken well but let me ask you, will you stick to that girl who isn't willing to give her body or will you easily go for the ones who can satisfy your urge? hmmm! I doubt if this question will get an answer because we both know that men may not like cheap girls but will not hesitate to take advantage of any loose one they see. I come in peace😉
2 years ago
Betty This is so much truth and I wish ladies can hear it often
2 years ago

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