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Avoid negative thoughts. Give people a sense of control and you'll be amazed with how awesome they'll prove themselves. Don't compare yourself with others. Reward yourself with treats for great efforts. Give yourself a sense of control over your habits. Create a workplace with no distractions to avoid putting the procastination button ON. When things scare us we tend to shut down to eliminate the negative feelings because our brain wasn't build to accept defeat in a good manner. Highlight your progress not your problems. Note: Don't think if you don't read you won't be successful, rather think that if you read, and put more effort and avoid procastination you'd become soo successful.

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Uzzy Dying with failures of what you tried but never succeeded is better than regrets of what you should have tried but never did. So the question is, What are you regretting today about yesterday, do it NOW
1 year ago
Alphaman Humanity's greatest regrets on their deathbed is that they live what people is expected of them not how they expect of them.
1 year ago
Mymind The previous year and this current one has really been tough and taken its toll on me and my mental health. so fortunate that there is so many amazing people in this world doing amazing things everyday I know it's all doom and gloom at the moment but your amazing just the chances of you being born on this planet is a miracle keep being yourself and be kind to one another we've never needed eachother more let's build people up and not break them down
1 year ago

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