I'm currently pregnant but the man responsible is my uncle. My aunty is his 3rd wife... I lived with them since I was in jss 3 till 2 years ago when I got admission in UNN I had to leave the house... they are the ones paying my school fees and taking care of me... But even when I was in the house my uncle normal will be sending me messages that he likes me and wants us to be close... He promise me plenty things... the first iPhone I used he bought it for me.. so he will make me touch him, then he will cvm and buy me things, but we never had sxx, It was when I entered school, that he will pay my flight ticket to come to Lagos and we will have sxx and he will give me money... Now, am pregnant and I told him... he has said he likes me and doesn't want me to do any abortion that I will give birth to the child that if my mother is angry he will pay my dowry too... I am so confused ma, I am 9 weeks pregnant for him... I don't know any abortion doctor or drug to even take it off, but what if I die? Even my mother will not be happy with me, I am confused on what to do, This man calls me everyday and checks up on mne everyday... he has sent me a lot of money to take care of myself and my baby... But I will have to tell my family soon, and I am scared what to do now..

confused advice-needed marriage

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