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The Unmutual Feeling

I'm sorry to trouble you yet I can't get this outta my brain and I have an inclination that I gotta say it or I'll be stuck considering it for eternity. I really liked you when I knew you, and I would never advise you since I preferred you to an extreme and there was never a different thought. Furthermore, presently I haven't seen you in a year and I understood I actually like you, and this previous week I haven't had the option to get you insane. I know the feeling is not mutual about me as I feel about you, and that is fine. I certainly don't think any less of you for that. I simply need you to reveal to me that you don't feel a similar way so I can proceed onward. I'm sorry to place you in this awkward position, since I know you're a decent individual and nice individuals feel awful turning others down, however I need you to offer it to me straight. I don't do this to every girl out there, I guarantee. I don't have the foggiest idea why I like you so much and on the off chance that I had a decision I wouldn't on the grounds that it's sort of destroying me atm. For reasons unknown I have an inclination that I can't carry on with existence without you truly knowing how I feel about you. As awful as I feel placing you in this position atm, I know how hard this could be for you to actually spill out what you got deep down on your heart towards me. I wish the best regardless and I trust you would end up with a man that would love you the way I actually care about you. I'm indeed not feeling too well about this. 👁️

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