Kindly keep me anonymous. I have been dating someone for 4yrs. We had always have plans to get married but my parents didn't like where he came from. I wasn't fond of his locality either but I didn't mind much. I had to keep the relationship on the low because my family were just difficult to reason with. Fast forward to 2021, he proposed so I was confident enough to tell my parents that he is coming to see them and they should better make enquiry now or forever hold their peace. So they did and came back with report that the three prophets said it's a bad union, I did what I always kicked against, I went to prophets too and am getting this same reply. So am to end my four years relationship with some many things having happened while together. But the truth is, I dont want to prove Stubborn and continue the relationship but am finding it difficult to let go. What should I do?


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10 months ago

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