I’m married and I cheated on my husband sometimes in the past but definitely feel like I needed to stop just to avoid ruining my home. The guy I cheated with doesn’t live far from our home and I thought within myself that things could eventually get bad on the long run if we don’t quit. But deep down I am feeling the urge to apologize to my husband since I can’t find peace within myself about the matter. Should I probably just let go of the whole matter the while I wish my husband never finds out? cos it’s been a tough decision from my end. I am regretting my actions but I need more light. 😐


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KrazyKitten78 Truly do the soul searching as to the why you did and if you can live a lie. Unless you find the reason you cheated and find a way to fix that reason your bound to do it again. If you have children what example are you setting for them if you don't own up to you poor choice? How can you ever get on to them for lying or even cheating on anything if you don't set the example. Plus how is it fair to your husband to find out from another you cheated on him. How could you ask forgiveness unless your the one to admit your wrong, not just saying sorry when cornered like a scared rabbit. That isn't fair to him nor would he believe your sincereness if you don't tell him and main question to ask yourself can you look your god in the eye if you don't admit your wrong and ask frogiveness which requires confession to your god and the one you have wronged.
1 week ago
Charlesok I pray my wife never cheats on me and come on the internet for public advice. Sometimes these are the reasons why some people tend to be so hard on the other gender for no reason. 😫
6 months ago
Mymind Well, I'm definitely not married yet but I think you can do better than using your own hand to ruin your marriage because of this, whatever happens even if he eventually finds out can be denied. Just don't for any reason tell him this unless of course if the marriage is not worth much of a deal of stress.
6 months ago
Reece For the fact that you think your husband won't find out on a long-run is the audacity for me.
6 months ago
Baybie Why you cheated is the question and if you somehow think he might know what you did, just walk up to him directly and tell him unless he is also a cheat but if he's part of the few men who don't cheat, then your conscience would hunt you for life. Why not just tell him and face the consequences that comes after? You probably should have thought about the outcome in the first place. 🥱
6 months ago
Tytynails If I indeed need to be sincere with you about this matter, kindly let go of the guy you were cheating with for life and personally get batter as a human. Don't tell your man what happened behind his back and never do that again. Don't bring shame to womanhood next time. Please and please! What you did is indeed a very shameful thing and I know your husband might not be able to forgive you unless he sincerely care.
6 months ago
Pwerries As if men don’t do worse in marriages and relationships. 😒
6 months ago

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