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I will try to sum this up if I can. I am in love with a woman who has a boyfriend, In a nutshell. Its called a SituationShip because Idk what else to call it. The issue is obvious, but another issue is we work together. I have never been in a Situation like this. Meaning these two things, I never do or ***ociate with. First rule of thumb do not get involved with someone you work with. Which in all my working years I have stuck by this rule. Second do not get involved with someone who already is with someone else. Now with this , is tricky because back in school days that's what we did. Everyone dated everyone so it seemed. With all this I am a female also. This situation has been like the worlds craziest rollercoaster and at times I'm at a lost on what to do. Her and myself have gone back and forth so many times. We went 0-100 quickly. We went from hanging out together , going out to eat, meeting with co workers, her coming to my place every weekend, etc. to only talking at work. Now of course in the mist of all this the Boyfriend found out (was obvious) and has threatened, is abusive at least verbally, gaslights, tells the world how his GF cheated on him with another Female (tells complete strangers) etc. you name it. So I have done everything I could think of : in the beginning I tried to keep arms length and she was persistent, etc. she persuaded me which she does admit . I Tried to push them back together and walk away , removed my self , took steps back, pushed closer, became clingy on purpose , etc. Have had friends and family reach out and talk etc. The same result happens each time: she finds a way to get me back in her life:, this is why I have been so lost and confused. Her entire family hates this Man, and His entire family hates her: there's nothing there , he uses her, does not bring anything to the table: but there is one dilemma, they own a house together. I found out this 6 months into it, as anyone can expect I even tried harder to push her away and also I have advised all these ways for her to get out and I just do not know what to think anymore. Being that both things I have never been involved with prior this is consuming my life. Currently the state is working on myself , and took another 10 steps back, sitting on the sidelines. Its really all I can do at this point..

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